Commiment To The Community And Environment


There are three schools in Betulia municipality, receiving support for academic development, infrastructure, materials, and communications, while also identifying professional development training programs.


We aim to enhance water availability for the community by developing infrastructure and ensure full compliance with water management and treatment in the mining operation.

Forestation, Flora and Fauna

We are working to promote reforestation in the area and protect the habitat of native flora and fauna species.


Our goals include improving and continuously maintaining access roads to Betulia, as well as developing infrastructure to boost trade and business connections between Betulia and neighboring regions.


We aim to enhance the capacity and quality of communication infrastructure in the area by providing better access to cell phone signals and internet connectivity.

Support of Other Economic Activities

Our objectives include promoting the creation of new businesses that contribute to the project’s development and strengthening trade and connectivity between Betulia and other commercial destinations.


We aim to establish spaces and events that nurture local culture, reinforce local traditions, and foster unity within the community.

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